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san francisco, first days


My hostel.

Hot water – check

Good water pressure – check

Clean shower – check

I’m happy, although I miss my people in Houston.

The Green Tortoise was a good choice; lots of travelers, funky old wood building, convenient location. I thought I’d have trouble sleeping because of all the other people in the room but it wasn’t so bad; it just made me more tired, and aside from an hour or so in the middle of the night when I woke up and walked outside my room to the computers, I slept through it. I woke up when a man or woman (couldn’t tell) came in and had to figure out how to climb into their bunk bed, but that didn’t last long. Since I have the bed by the large bay window, and the window is covered with drapes, I thought about opening the window in the morning and waking everybody up; while it would have been hilarious, I was worried I might be missing a few items of luggage when I came back later today, so I held off on that.

Jane met a guy in her room who’s from Ireland; at breakfast he talked about traveling all over, to Austin on the bus and, soon, to China to a train that passes through Mongolia and to New Zealand to go bungee jumping, among other things. This was his first time in a hostel, although I would’ve guessed he’s a veteran of these places. He said he’s doing a night trip to Alcatraz tomorrow, so depending on the cost, that’s a possibility.

Yesterday I ate at a pizza place here with a friend and his friend and his friend’s Dad, from high school. There were a couple of pimps, apparently, who stopped by outside the window, and people were talking pictures of them, and us too indirectly on the other side of the window. Apparently this is kind of the red-light district, although it seems safe enough. There’s definitely enough travelers in our hostel and in this area to feel safe, and there’s nightlife and people walking by and good restaurants in all directions. The friends from high school were talking about some pranks they did when they first met each other, and it sounds like all the best ones were illegal.

Time to change out of these bathroom sandals and start walking around. I forgot to pack the most useful items, of course, like heavy jackets and hats, but that always happens, so of course it happened this time, too. It’s a nice day to go walking around, so I’ll try to make the most of it.


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