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Music I Like

A bunch of music videos. Scroll through them and click fast – if you like listen, if not move on. It took me weeks to distill these albums down to the one or two songs I like. This is all of them in one place.

I’m glad I live in the age of YouTube, when music is available to me and not exorbitantly expense (re: CD’s in the 90’s). In general, the music I like has a scruffy, low-fi quality, and – for lack of a better word – real heart, and soul. It’s DIY music made by people who still keep have traces of roughness in their work, but also love their craft and are serious about their musicianship.

My favorite artists over the years have probably been Beck, Johnny Cash, Liz Phair (early stuff), Sleigh Bells, Against Me. My favorite show of all time was by the all-female punk group L7 at Stubbs in the mid-90’s. This is a varied group, but I respect them all for commitment and sheer effort they pour into their art.


Then again, sometimes I like it just because it sounds good. So it’s all good.

I find this video endlessly entertaining.

Good song, bad dog.

I like Siobhan Donaghy, even though I think she’s no longer singing. Her vulnerability is what makes her so genuine.

Instrumental but I love this. Kicks in around :35.

Look, it’s Jake Gyllenhaal.

I like the distortion effect.

Sleigh Bells. If you see them live they have this ‘wall of sound’ effect live which doesn’t translate over youtube, so if you like them you should really see them live.

I like this sludgy, rumbling sound. Also, NSFW.

I’ve been listening to this on repeat for a while.


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