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I watched a video today about income inequality. These videos come and go. Each time it’s as if they vanish into thin air, but they’ve made an impression on me, through the problems inequality causes.

I’ve increasingly noticed it in the way that this inequality ‘crowds out’ other opportunities. In an area where wealth is somewhat equally distributed, for instance, you’re not having to bid against extreme wealth for your property, or your parkland views, even. Today, you do. I used to think you could live cheaply, but that is a relative term, and even living cheaply is expensive when the prices of basic necessities are consistently bid up. It’s hard to ‘buy back’ your time, such as being able to afford to not have a long commute, not spend 2+ hours in traffic (as I did today).

So here are some rules for living.

You should play to the extent that is necessary, but be ethical also.

You should be aware that structural forces are at play which sometimes suggest you should focus your energy on other areas.

You also should know that, due to economic pressures, large portions of our world are not being heard, and are invisible to you.

Know, also, that proportionally speaking, unless you’re thinking carefully about your target, your grain of sand won’t impact the wall.

Let this push you in a direction where it does.


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